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Jono is a strong telepath and is able to see the future. He is also capable of manipulating and creating fire.

When it comes to seeing people's futures he can do short term like within the next day or so and long term which are full out Visions that your stereotypical Oracles get. (However unlike some people he tries NOT to talk in riddles.) Visions/future tidbits will only be given out with mun consent and I would like to collaborate on such things so that he can give something annoyingly accurate.

As for his telepathy, he tends to be a bit mentally nosy but only for surface thoughts. He will not get anything unless OOC permission is given so - permission given in the narration is fine. Jono might get pissy about not being able to read their mind but that's about it.

In regards to his fire, he's not a pyromaniac and tending to show it off at any given time. He won't set anything on fire unless someone wants him to.
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One attack down. One more on the way. Jono waited, not as calmly as before. But still calmly. Still... he had to be centered. He couldn't let them get to him. He had to keep calm. In control.

He could do that.

And he waited.
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Jono sat and waited, leaning back in a chair, his fingers steepled together and a slight smile on his face. He was going to have visitors soon. And what fun would that be!
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The room was never well defined. Jono never really bothered with such detail. There was a chair to sit in, a bed, a table. Whatever else he needed he could just create any way. 
Right then, there was a table set with two chairs and candle sticks flickering.  Plates were set and a lasanga was waiting for someone, as was a bottle of wine. 

Feet up on the bed, as he sat in the large comfy chair, Jono cleaned and sharpened his knives while listening to Bach.


Aug. 12th, 2006 12:59 pm
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There was blood all over Jono, but none of it was his. He never gave his victims a fighting chance. Doing that meant that one day you could lose. Which is something he had no intention of doing, ever. And now the game had really begun in earnest. This time it would be exciting, because this time there was real danger involved.

He smiled to himself and leaned back into a chair. Now, he just had to wait.


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